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Track: You Don't Know My Name
Artist: Alicia Keys
Album: The Diary Of Alicia Keys



Alicia Keys- You Don’t Know My Name

I’m gonna have to just go ‘head and call this boy……*dials* …… Hello? Can I speak to…to Michael? Oh hey… How you doin? Uh. I feel kinda silly skin this but. This is the waitress from the coffee house on 39th and Lennox. You know.. The one with the braids….? Yea. Well. I see you on Wednesdays all the time. You come in every wednesday on your lunch break I think…. And you ALWAYS order the special….. With the hot chocolate. My manager be trippin and stuff. Talkin bout we gotta use water but…. I always use milk and cream for you…. Cause I think you’re kinda sweet:) anyways u always got some fly blue suit n ur cuff links are shinin all bright. So what u do? Oh word?! Yeah….. That’s interesting. Look man, I mean I don’t wanna waste your time but … I know girls don’t usually do this but I was wondering if maybe we could get together OUTSIDE the restaurant..one day? Cause I DO Look a lot different outside my work clothes. I mean we could just go across the street to the park right here. Wait. Hold up. My cell phones breaking. Up. Hold up. Can you hear me now?? Yeah…. So what day did you say? Oh yeah…. Tuesdays perfect :)


I loved this scene so much. The actors play off this pairing as flirty and adorable in a way the characters really weren’t in the novels IMO. 

That said, when she said the line, “Girls see more blood than boys,” my husband was all confused and like, “What, warrior women, she means?”

So I just looked at him and started listing off, “Blood from their periods every month, maybe blood from sex, blood from childbirth, blood from tending and washing the wounded and dead…That’s been true for most of womankind all through history.”

And he got very, very quiet.


"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one





For me liking anime was an ugly metamorphosis into a sad fart that denies she existed from ages 10-14… and maybe 151/2


whispers desperately to myself “I am an adult”

And the cycle begins anew.



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